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HIAAL Signs Fire Safety Responsibility Letter with 60 Freight Forwarders

Press Releases
2018/04/17 16:25
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On April 17, HIAAL signed fire safety responsibility letters with 60 freight forwarding companies and express delivery companies to enhance the fire safety awareness of the customers and build a safe air cargo terminal.

The fire safety management of rental customers has always been one of the key points of safety work of HIAAL. Since last year, HIAAL have established "Internet +" remotely through the establishment of "Fire Management WeChat Group". We have continuously improved the level of fire safety management through new measures such as monitoring and alarming systems.

In 2018, HIAAL has improved the fire safety responsibility book according to the actual situation, subdivided the various responsibility areas, further clarified the contents and requirements of daily fire inspection, and worked for the fire protection of each rental customer. This move has provided better guidance and laid a good foundation for fire safety in the air cargo terminal.