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HIAAL Welcomes Representatives of 10 Shanghai Multinational Companies

Press Releases
2018/04/17 16:24
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On April 13, a delegation of 10 multinational companies from Shanghai visited HIAAL to investigate the lithium battery transportation. This is the first batch of customers attracted after the recovery of lithium battery cargo transportation. Through on-the-spot investigation, the delegation said that the lithium battery transportation business and operating price of HIA will be considered or some of the goods will be considered, mainly domestic mobile phones, computers, etc., and will be transferred to Hangzhou.

Under the "matchmaking" of Hong Kong Cargo Airlines, 10 Shanghai multinational companies came to understand the lithium battery transportation situation, following a lithium battery cargo transportation promotion meeting held by HIAAL on April 3.

HIAAL introduced the new operation specifications of the field, and carried out new contents such as the shipper's qualification filing requirements and the sales agent's guarantee letter. The delegation expressed their recognition of the support capability and expressed great enthusiasm for the cooperation. HIAAL will do its best to ensure the transportation of the lithium battery in accordance with the requirements of the customer's transportation.