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Pharmaceutical Logistics Park Passes New GSP Audit

Press Releases
2018/05/02 16:31
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On April 26th, our Pharmaceutical Logistics Park passed the new version of the drug management quality management (GSP) audit of Zhejiang Huidison Pharmaceuticals Quality Auditing Group, which marked the successful completion of the Pharmaceutical Logistics Park through the management of the new drug management quality of all the seven customers. 

The audit is mainly based on the new version of the quality management rules for pharmaceutical products and the "Analysis and Evaluation Standards for the Quality Management of Pharmaceuticals in Pharmaceutical Wholesale Enterprises". It is used to listen to reports, field observations, on-site questions, and access to information. Humidity monitoring, verification management, file files, personnel settings, drug purchase, storage, and outbound inspections were carried out in detail. Through inspection, all customer audit teams believe that the personnel and organization of the drug logistics park are basically sound, the management system is relatively complete, the facilities are well-equipped, and the acceptance, maintenance and storage management of drugs meet the requirements, and all are in compliance with the pharmaceutical business quality management standard certification audit.

Compared with the old version, the new version of the drug management quality management standard mainly implements the traceability management responsibility of the drug management enterprise, strengthens the enterprise's main body awareness, and promotes the construction of a source-to-inspect, traceable and reliable drug traceability system for drug logistics. As for the park, the requirements for daily management and operation are getting higher and higher, and the supervision will be more and more important.