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HIA Customs Electronic Clearance System Officially Launched

Press Releases
2018/05/03 16:32
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On April 30th, the Customs Electronic Clearance System was officially launched at Hangzhou International Airport after 6 months of development and construction and 1 month of trial operation, which marks a further step forward in the construction of "smart airport".

After the Customs Electronic Clearance System was officially launched, the airport customs canceled the original paper document review, stamped the clearance seal and other operations, and implemented paperless customs clearance in the form of electronic circulation. The port supervision site directly handled the customs electronic clearance information. The procedures for importing goods and exporting goods have greatly shortened the time for enterprises to submit paper documents to and from the customs site and logistics companies, saving a lot of manpower and time costs and shortening the customs clearance time. At the same time, logistics enterprises can be free from customs work hours. In abnormal working hours and holidays, they can use the customs electronic release information to handle customs clearance procedures such as picking up and goods.

The operation of the Customs Electronic Clearance System has greatly improved the efficiency of cargo clearance, reduced logistics costs, and attracted more customs clearance goods to be shipped from the port. At the same time, it laid the foundation for accelerating the construction of smart card slots in the supervision area.