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Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Logistics
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Hangzhou International Airport Pharmaceutical Logistics Base is invested and constructed by Hangzhou International Airport Co., Ltd., providing customers with integrated pharmaceutical logistics solutions, such as air transport, warehousing, logistics, cold-chain development. 

Warehousing Services

Hardware and software equipment configuration meets GSP standards; 

Multi-temperature zone from normal temperature, to cool, cold storage and frozen storage; 

Warehouse and inventory management; 

Automatic scan code; 

Cargo sorting/packaging services; 

Various functional blocks such as pending inspection, pending delivery, drug withdrawal, non-conformity products and special drugs 2000 sqm independent transport turnover warehouse; 

Equipped with electric high-bay forklifts, electric stackers, hydraulic forklifts, etc.; 

The cold storage equipped with an inflatable door seal to achieve seamless docking between the vehicle and the cold storage; 

Acceptance, storage, and delivery of cold chain drugs. 

Logistics Services

More than 500 van trucks, refrigerated trucks and special vehicles; 

All vehicles are equipped with a GPS driving and positioning system; 

The refrigerated trucks are equipped with a temperature monitoring system for uploading real-time data;

The transportation network covers more than 1,200 cities. Vehicles are regularly maintained in the provinces across the country. More than 100 partners across the country can provide refrigerated truck rescue; 

Provide national trunk, LTL and reverse logistics services, providing final mile delivery service. 

Cold Chain Service 

Our equipments are connected with the Food and Drug Administration of Zhejiang Province to achieve temperature and humidity automatic monitoring upload system with alarm function; 

Installed with 24-hour temperature and humidity automatic monitoring software for ready to read anytime; 

The refrigerated truck and the cold storage are verified twice a year, and the thermometer is calibrated every year; 

Designated person to manage cold chain packaging materials in the warehouse, connect customers and packaging materials suppliers; 

Equipped with high and low temperature alternating laboratory and cold chain R&D team, provide individualized cold chain solutions according to customer's product characteristics.