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Air Freight Forwarding Service
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Domestic Air Cargo Sales Agency Services

We have secured the Air Transport Sales Agency Services Certificate from China Civil Transport Association, which allows us to be engaged in the sales of category Ⅰtransport on domestic scheduled and non-scheduled flights originating from Hangzhou International Airport. We are a preferred freight forwarder for airlines.

Sales Agency Services: We are freight forwarders of Xiamen Airlines, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Air China, Hainan Airlines, Kunming Airlines, Loong Air, Sichuan Airlines, China Postal Airlines, etc.

Special Services: We mainly provide cargo pick-up services for SF Express, FedEx, KUAYUE-Express, and China Post Office and also accept few bulk cargo. We offer high quality and time-sensitive cargo services through operating official cargo of Loong Air, specialized cargo products of China Southern Airlines, and the cargo with high time efficiency.

International Inbound Cargo Secondary Customs-Control Warehouse Business

Complete the transfer of the waybill, inputting cargo information into system, sorting of goods into the warehouse, and delivery of goods after the international inbound cargo distributed to the secondary customs-control warehouse.