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The company takes the principle of separate operation and fair competition as the basic principle, “to create a first-class platform with high-quality service and create value together” as a service concept. In order to become a domestic modern aviation logistics company, "leaders", customers preferred partners, and become an international integrated logistics company for the development direction. Dedicated to provide our customers with quality, convenient and efficient air logistics and transportation services.

The company's main business scope is: air transportation ground and related extension services; third-party medical warehousing; air cargo professional handling, handling, sorting, metering, packaging, tally, warehousing; air cargo transportation information consultation; customs supervision library operation, etc. .

At the same time provide a full range of international and domestic air cargo agency transportation services, including door-to-door pick-up, booking, warehousing, transit, customs declaration, arrival delivery, agency insurance, international and domestic express delivery, foreign trade import and export business. The logistics company also provides a full range of 24-hour reservation service for all kinds of special cargo. It is a sales agent with international and domestic air cargo (Class 1 and Class 2) agency qualifications.

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