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Service Commitments

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Business Service Commitments
Domestic Departure
Cut-off time: 120 mins before the departure time (120 mins + for widebody aircraft due to the assembly of container)
Transportation change (manifest change): 180 mins
Domestic Arrival
Delivery: 180 mins (30 mins plus for widebody aircraft )
Fast Delivery : 120 mins (paid service), Wait for no more than 30 mins.     
International Departure
Cut-off time: 240 mins for narraw body aircraft, 360 mins for widebody aircraft
International Arrival Delivery: 240 mins for fresh & emergency & special cargo, 360 mins for common goods (secondary custom-supervised warehouse)(including short-distance transport and slot); Fast delivery: 150 mins (paid service), Wait for no more than 30 mins. 
Note: All time for departure cargo is prior to departure time, all time for arrival cargo is ATA. The on-time delivery rate is not less than 95%, The above-mentioned widebody aircraft include freighters.


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