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Domestic air cargo charges

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1. Domestic air cargo freight rate category

1. Ordinary freight rate

a. Basic freight rate (code N)

The Civil Aviation Administration of China stipulates the basic freight rate for each segment of the flight. The base freight rate is the freight rate of ordinary cargo below 45 kg, and the amount is in units of angle.

b. Weight demarcation point freight code (code Q)

Domestic air cargo transportation has established a demarcation point and freight rate of more than 45 kilograms, more than 100 kilograms, and more than 300 kilograms.

2. Grade freight rate (code S)

Special goods such as urgent items, biological products, precious plants and plant products, living animals, ashes, coffins, fresh perishables, valuables, firearms, ammunition, escort goods, etc., are subject to grade freight rates, based on 150% of the base freight rate. Received.

3. Designated commodity freight rate (code C)

For some goods with large batch size, strong seasonality and low unit value, the airline can apply for the establishment of the specified commodity freight rate.

4. Minimum shipping cost (code M)

The minimum shipping cost per domestic air cargo is RMB 30.

5. Container freight rate

To transport goods by means of containers and pallets as a transport unit, it is possible to apply for the establishment of freight rates for containerized goods.


2.domestic air cargo tariff rules

1. Direct freight rates take precedence over freight rates consisting of segments.

2. The designated commodity freight rate takes precedence over the graded freight rate and the ordinary freight rate.

3. The freight rate of graded goods takes precedence over the freight rate of ordinary goods.


3.domestic air cargo transportation billing rules

1. Freight freight billing is based on "yuan" and rounded below the yuan.

2. The lowest shipping cost, the shipping cost by weight is the highest compared to the lowest fee.

3. The freight calculated by actual weight is lower than the freight calculated by the higher weight cut-off point.

4. When the segments are combined to form the freight rate, the actual transportation route is not considered, and the freight rate composed of the different freight rate component points is lower than the actual freight rate.


4.domestic air mail freight

Ordinary mail shipping charges are based on the normal freight rate of the basic goods; express mail mailings are charged at 150% of the normal freight rate.

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